With the constant pressures of reduced grant funding, often there is more work than man power. As taking on a full time tech or another student is very costly and requires a long term commitment, often this extra work remains undone or is piled higher on existing researchers. What YOC offers is an outlet to get your work done and then walk away without any outstanding commitments. No project is too small or too large. Though most of the work we offer will be done remotely, fieldwork, cruises, and regular face to face meetings can be arranged.

Science Services

"It was common knowledge in grad school that I wanted to communicate science as a career. In fact, one of my committee members, when agreeing to serve on my committee, said to me - 'I am going to be very hard on you. You want to talk to people about science, and because of that I need to make sure you have a very strong base in the sciences.' I have carried this sentiment with me and is one of the reasons that Your Ocean Consulting is strongly rooted in the sciences and remains active in research. " ~Dr Leslie

What can YOC do for YOU?

Whether you require help with research, communciation, or education, Your Ocean Consulting can help!


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