Outreach Tools

See the below examples of various outreach tools that Y.O.C. can create for Y.O.U. as you spread the word about your science.


Created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

  • 2011_Milestone_graphic_2011-12-16_ver_0-03.png
  • OOI_Milestone_graphic_2012-04-25_ver_0-02.png
  • RugbyBall.PNG


Created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

  • OceanSciencesPoster_2012-01-23_ver_0-08.pdf
  • SciEng_Expo_ver3_22x28.pdf


Created using iMovie, iPhoto, and Screenium. Video Recording, Editing, and Audio Narration

  • Ocean Observatories Initiative

  • Ocean Observatories Initiative 2011 Milestone Video

For Examples of Other Videos Check out the Your Ocean Consulting YouTube Page

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