Do you have an extra berth on your ship and need a helping hand? Do you have intense fieldwork for a couple weeks but can't afford to hire someone all summer? Your Ocean Consulting can help! As a seasoned Oceanographer both on cruise ships as well as operating small boats, you can skip the endless training and the learning curve, forgo the long-term commitment, and get the immediate help in your fieldwork that you need. Not only does Your Ocean Consulting provide experienced help in the field, but we can provide a suite of other services while in the field – Blogging, Outreach, Photography, Filming, Video Editing, and so much more.

Past Cruises

  • 2010-2014: Annual cruises to Gulf of Mexico continental shelf on R-V Pelican (7-10 days/cruise)
  • 2011: Rhode Island to Sargasso Sea on R-V Endeavor

What can YOC do for YOU?

Whether you require help with research, communciation, or education, Your Ocean Consulting can help!


Please send us an email to discuss your unique project: