Classroom Visits and Presentations

Through Dive into the Ocean, we provide fun educational programs to schools, camps, museums, and other educational organizations.


Our presentations are content-specific and based on national CORE and state curriculum standards:

  • Kindergarten-3rd Grade: Water Cycle and Aquatic Ecosystems
  • 4th-6th Grade: Oceans


Our programs can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization. Shows can be anywhere between 60min to 3 hours and include any of the following: an ocean talk, two hands-on group activities, and educational ocean video games. Hands-on group activities allow students to explore various aspects of the ocean sciences using an array of multimedia tools that appeal to a wide array of learning styles. Students will be able to collect and analyze ocean data, design and construct a boat using recycled materials, and play ocean-related XBOX and Kinect video games.

What can YOC do for YOU?

Whether you require help with research, communciation, or education, Your Ocean Consulting can help!


Please send us an email to discuss your unique project: