About Dr. Leslie

About Dr. Leslie

My name is Dr. Leslie M. Smith and I am Your Ocean Consultant. I have a PhD in Oceanography, training and experience in science communication, and most importantly a strong desire to affect change. I received my PhD in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography working with Dr. Candace Oviatt. My research investigated the impacts of human activities on the Narragansett Bay ecosystem. While at URI, I was an NSF IGERT Fellow focusing on multi- disciplinary problem solving of coastal ecosystem management issues.

I see a growing need for PhD translators between the scientific community and the public, policymakers, and school children. The mission of Your Ocean Consulting, LLC. is to promote stewardship through increased awareness and education. My goal is to communicate complex scientific findings in a clear and concise way so that they are easily digestible and meaningful, while maintaining scientific integrity. I strongly believe that it is my obligation as a scientist to communicate science to the public.

Learning about science is fun! It is not about rote memorization and taking tests; it is about being curious, asking questions, and marveling at the world around you. Through Your Ocean Consulting, I hope to share this love of science, and the natural world. For more information and a list of my publications please see my CV.

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