Curriculum Vitae Highlights

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  • 2011 Ph.D. Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, RI.
  • 2006 B.S. Biology, Davidson College, NC.

Professional Society Memberships:

  • American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
  • Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation
  • New England Estuarine Research Society
  • Gulf Estuarine Research Society


  • 2012 Visiting Scholar, University of Tennessee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
  • 2011-12 Science Communicator, Ocean Observatories Initiative (Washington, DC
  • 2011-12 Data Manager, Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Reserach (LUMCON, Cocodrie LA)
  • 2011-12 Research Consultant (URI Graduate School of Oceanography)
  • 2011 R/V Endeavor 500th Cruise Researcher, Communicator, Educator (Narragansett, RI) 2010 Gulf of Mexico Shelfwide Cruise Researcher (LUMCON, Cocodrie LA)
  • 2006-10 NOAA CHRP Project Research Assistant (URI Graduate School of Oceanography)
  • 2006-08 NSF IGERT Fellow (URI Coastal Institute)


  • 2012 Dive Into the Oceans – Daniels Run Elementary School, Fairfax, VA
  • 2011 Daniels Run Elementary School, Fairfax - presentation for 5th and 6th grade girls about oceanography, Read Across America Day participant
  • 2007-10 Climate Change Outreach Presentations - 11 talks for teachers, middle school students, recreational fishermen, etc
  • 2009 Metcalf Institute - Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists
  • 2008 Save the Bay, RI - 3 Habitat Restoration 1-page handouts; Water Quality content for website
  • 2007 Senator Whitehouse, D-RI - White Paper on climate change impacts to Narragansett Bay

Dr. Leslie in the News:

  • "Being Sucessful, Having Fun, and Empowering Others to Save the Planet" by Karyn LoMuscio GET Magazine 6/2/2011
  • "URI grad student named 'Emerging Public Policy Leader' " by Todd McLeish URI Press Release 4/1/2010
  • “State of the Ocean” by Rachel Carter Newport Life Magazine Summer 2009 issue pp 23-25


  • 2010 Ann Durbin Award, GSO award given to one student in biological oceanography
  • 2010 American Institute of Biological Sciences Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award
  • 2009 Ada L. Sawyer Award, GSO award given to one female student
  • 2008 Outstanding Student Presentation Award American Society for Limnology & Oceanography
  • 2006-08 NSF IGERT Fellow
  • 2006 Tom Daggy Biology Departmental Award (Davidson College)
  • 2006 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Member
  • 2005 Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society Member
  • 2005 Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Member

Popular Press Publications:

  • Smith, L.M. 2011. “Currents in the State of Hope.” GET Magazine, July 5, 2011
  • Smith, L.M. 2007. “The world’s largest mine-shaft canary.” Providence Journal Editorial, January 19, 2007

Scientific Publications:

  • Smith, L.M., C.M. Silver, and C.A. Oviatt. 2012. Quantifying variation in water column photosynthetic quotient with changing field conditions in Narragansett Bay, RI, USA. Journal of Plankton Research 34:437-442.
  • Smith, L.M. 2011. Impacts of spatial and temporal variation of water column production and respiration on hypoxia in Narragansett Bay. PhD Dissertation. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.
  • Smith, L.M., S. Whitehouse, and C.A. Oviatt. 2010. Impacts of climate change on Narragansett Bay. Northeastern Naturalist 17:77-90.
  • Anthony, A., J. Atwood, P. August, C. Byron, S. Cobb, C. Foster, C. Fry, A. Gold, K. Hagos, L.
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    Smith, T. Smythe, J. Swift, and N. Vinhateiro. 2009. Coastal lagoons and climate change: ecological and social ramifications in U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast ecosystems. Ecology and Society 14:8.
  • Smith, L.M., J. Blue, J. Carlson, G. Metz, J. Haywood, D. Bush, and C.J. Paradise. 2009. Density- dependent predation of a dominant species does not facilitate increased diversity in treeholes. The Open Ecology Journal 2:91-99.
  • Melrose, D.C., M.S. Berman, L.M. Smith, and C.A. Oviatt. 2009. The ecological effects of climate change on the Narragansett Bay estuary. ICES Conference Manuscript 2009/(G:07).
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  • Harshaw, L., C. Chrisawn, B. Kittinger, J. Carlson, G. Metz, L. Smith, and C.J. Paradise. 2007.Decaying invertebrate carcasses increase growth of Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae) when leaf litter resources are limiting. Journal of Medical Entomology 44:589-596.
  • Paradise, C.J., J.Q. Burkhart, C. Chrisawn, L. Harshaw, B. Kittinger, and L. Smith. 2007. Prior occupation by scirtid beetles does not affect mosquito and midge populations in treeholes. Journal of Negative Results 4:15-22.
  • Burkhart J.Q., L. Smith, S. Villalpando, and C.J. Paradise. 2007. Scirtid beetles, leaf litter, and treeholes: Is there evidence of facilitation in the field? Southeastern Naturalist 6:597-614.